The super funny and entertaining Paul Woodful said this to a group of Americans in the Bad Ass comedy club and they looked at him as if were a bit touched in the head. They had beige pants and big asses – oh dear Gott in Himmel how was I going to make them laugh after the break. Paul did make them laugh and make them happy but then they never came back after the break so I never got a chance to try out my new material on them. Sunshine and Football – a bad combination in the world of comedy. I went into the Bad Ass to see Daphna’s new show and then schlepped over to the Inter to see Lynn Ruth Miller rock the room as usual – even though it was a small room – football and comedy… The bus home was crowded and two drunk girls took photographs of themselves on the iPhones with their tongues hanging out and then posted it on Fuckbook in the firm belief that the world would be interested in their drunkeness and their tongues which have probably been many places – Generation Z – for whom nothing has consequence. Please don’t let me be on the receiving end of a service industry which employs either of their empty heads tomorrow. Their hangovers plus paracetemol probably explains why it’s so difficult to tell someone on the phone the bleedin obvious these days – and no, a degree from U.C.D. doesn’t make it better. How they managed to get degrees between Fuckbook updates is a miracle. Meanwhile another dear chum is over from Scotland doing some gigs in the lafter lounge – so more comic catchups tomorrow. It’s good to be a comedian – there is place where you can talk about how nuts the world has gone.photo0083 Chat soon.



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