So our Minister for Education, who is an architect, made a statement at the Teachers Union Conference proposing Honours Maths as a requirement for entry into the teaching profession and all the ‘wimmin‘ went pre-menstrual and booed. Sure no matter what you’d say at these things you’d be booed – except maybe ‘you’re all fantastic you’re going to get a 200 percent wage increase’. It’s the same on Fuckbook – note to self “do not comment again on this vile cesspit of rivalry“. You make a comment on a thread and all the ‘flag wavers‘ go for your throat just to highlight what living saints they are – and how anyone who doesn’t agree with everything is evil and should die. Talking about evil – when I was in the local library this afternoon a man returned a book which was late and he was unfortunate enough to return it to the librarian with the loudest voice in the history of mankind who shouted out “The Valley of Satan and Evil” you are late with this book and I see that you have already renewed it fifteen times” – needless to say everyone who was in the libary at the time turned around to have a look at this ‘monster’. He looked normal enough – but he’s now stuck with a 60 cent fine and a damaged reputation. I used the automatic machine for the first time and didn’t have to speak to anyone behind the desk – don’t know who designed this yoke but people who go to libraries a lot like to speak to people behind a desk – that’s what libraries and public service utilities are all about – where are all the lonely crazies going to go now? please don’t say Fuckbook – that’s already overcrowded. Anyway, having finished the last Sue Townsend over a late breakfast I borrowed “Adrian Mole and Weapons of Mass Destruction” which is already proving a good choice. Chat soon.holy picture 003


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